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Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward RN

We are sad to announce the death, after a long illness, of Admiral, Sir Sandy Woodward RN who commanded the Falklands Task Force in 1982. The following link includes a further link to an interview with Sir Sandy on his views of the Falklands War taken only last year. WW.


General Sir Ian Gourlay


Marine Mark Ormrod


Prince Harry



Training Camp



The Raid


WWll British Commandoes


The Royal Marines at War: Commando – The Story of the Green Beret

Commando, made for the Admiralty in 1945, is a drama-documentary covering Commando training in Wrexham, Anchnacarry and St. Ives. Fascinating archive footage shows wartime Commando units on amphibious assault exercises, perfecting cliff-top assaults and practicing both armed and unarmed combat techniques.


A 26.40min short based on a 1960 documentary by the Central Office of Information on behalf of the Admiralty covering a Royal Marines exercise ‘Codename Snake Eyes’. WW.


A feature length documentary (61 mins) overseeing a Royal Navy/ Royal Marines exercise in the Far East. Filmed between 1964/65 and covering Exercise ‘Dark Night’. WW.


Jungle Green: Borneo.
First transmitted in 1964, this programme follows the lives of a group of British soldiers from 40 Commando Royal Marines, as they set up camp and patrol the North Borneo jungle, in search of elusive groups of Indonesian border terrorists.



The fundamental differences between Royal Marine’s and USMC. WW.


I watched this programme, laughing at the ineptitude of the Afghani police, who we are told,  are now due to take over from NATO Forces as they withdraw. However the laughing stopped nearer the end when I saw a large G&L painted on a compound wall and I was reminded yet again of the butcher’s bill for this debacle. WW.


Hero is a word that is bandied about nowadays and attributed to those, who for one reason or another, merely stand out from the rabble and for this reason, the ‘brand’ has been denigrated alongwith a long list of other misused epithets such as ‘celebrity’ and ‘brave’. However, in former marine, Norman Colley, who crossed the bar on 16/02/2013, we have a chance ro redress the balance and reacquaint ourselves with what a hero truly is, and this is why, Norman and the rest of his group, were called then, and known now, and forever more, “The cockleshell heroes”. RIP Royal, legend and hero.




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