Coming Home Centre.

Photo by A. Loudon

Coming Home Centre
Fridays from 10am
Cathcart Old Parish Church
119 Carmunnock Rd.
G44 5UW.
Tel: 0141 637 4168

A place for veterans to meet with kindred spirits, to socialize and to be offered pastoral care and advice and assistance to help them get their lives in order and to find their feet again. The assistance will also include advice about the completion of application forms, accessing educational opportunities in further and higher education, and preparation for interviews.


To provide a local base in which there will be the opportunity to meet in an informal atmosphere by offering four Centres of respite and pastoral support for veterans, based within four areas of Glasgow, supplying care and support of a specialist nature and a practical touch. The Centres will offer educational advice, job club information, therapy through horticulture, and recreation and sport. Each Centre will also have a padre in residence while the group meets and on call at all other times. (This is a direct request from many veterans who value the role of padre)

To encourage among ex-service personnel a strong belief that they are valued members of the local community by the recognition and remembrance of the sacrifices made by them and by helping them through practical support and pastoral care to integrate into local life.Photo by A. Loudon.

Improving access to and co-ordination of advice and support for service Personnel, veterans, their families and carers in Glasgow.


2 Responses to Coming Home Centre.

  1. Walter says:

    Hi Anwen, I contacted our padre and he has informed me that the current e-mail address for the veterans centres (plural, there is more than one) is his own. You should therefore go through him with all and any requests for information and the address is I hope that this answers your query and that this will be of benefit to you. Thanks again for your initial enquiry and we will make it more readily accessible on site for others in the future, WW.

  2. Anwen Jones says:

    do you have an e mail address for the day centre for veterans please

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