The following was a well intentioned reply, to a request in a RMA Reporting Network communique, from an individual looking for a contact/information with regard to civvy employment in the Oil & Gas Industry for suitably qualified EX-service personnel. DC has graciously given his permission for me to post this info here. Please contact the site controller for any further info etc., WW.

D.C. updated the following, 06/08/2014

My name is Dave Corthorn, I’m a former bootneck with some strong links to the United Arab Emirates – I recently returned to the UK after 11 years of living and working there.
I’m writing in response to a request for help in getting a former bootie work in the Oil and Gas industry.
I have previously helped an oppo of my son (a JNCO in the RE) get a job with Schlumberger purely through our former British Military network – a good friend of mine (former REME) works for Schlumberger and mentioned the fact that they are always looking to recruit suitably qualified former British Servicemen.
I cannot promise work/interviews etc but, if former service personnel are interested, I am willing to pass on their contact details (to my pal in the UAE) in the hope that if individuals have the relevant qualifications they might be looking for, it might help them on the road to employment.
Dave Corthorn

The following link will give you a quick insight into this field, their requirements, and flag up possibilities, WW.



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