First World War.

The First World War , Commemorative Parade, 4th August, 2014, George Square, Glasgow.

Branch member Donnie McLeod, attended this auspicious event and was good enough to forward us some photographs to give us a general feel for the scale and the magnitude of the occasion. It was very well attended by the local Civ/Pop, (Attendance, 4,000 souls), with a grandiose representation from the visiting, Commonwealth dignitaries, who had been in Glasgow for the Games, which finished the previous day, on the Sunday. Donnie, himself, made the following comment,

“Yes it was worth going, there were about 4000 there the big screens in the Square gave a live broadcast from Glasgow Cathedral. Prince Charles, David Cameron and all the commonwealth bigwigs were then driven down to take part in the formalities in the Square, after attending the service in the Cathedral.
My grandfather and his 2 brothers were one of the first batch of volunteers to sign up in 1914. One of his brothers was killed and my grandfather was wounded in 1917, at the Somme. Shot in the arm, he had to lie in a shell hole for 3 days until rescued. His other brother was also wounded, so it was important for me to attend this 100th year anniversary to commemorate the start of WW1. The bands were very good and the live broadcast really added to the occasion. It felt very inclusive.
Well worth attending, Donnie McLeod”

A Bravo/Zulu to Donnie for all his efforts and many thanks for the photographs. It looks as if the other branch members really missed the march on this one, but then is a hundred years really considered to be adequate notice? WW.



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