Obituary for Ian S. Murray.

Big IanThis site deeply regrets the word that has only just reached us concerning the death of Ian S. Murray. He crossed the bar on the morning of the 21st of March 2013 with his wife Jill and daughter Isla by his side. He will be sorely missed particularly within the ranks of the RMR with whom he served for so long and so well. He joined the HMS Camperdown detachment in Dundee in August 1965, winning the  Commando Medal on his completion of recruit training. This was surely an indication of the pending worth and depth of the man and this has been borne out since, by his many years of duty and diligence in his service to the Corps. Work and family commitments meant that RMR Merseyside was the beneficiary of the big man’s experience and expertise, when he transferred to that unit as a WO2 in 1985, while settling into family life in the village of Sandbach, Cheshire. He was commissioned the following year and continued as an active member of that unit until his retirement in 2001. Steadfast as always he then took up a commission with the Army Cadet Force as Shooting Officer and once again the big man was back in his element on some range or another passing on his hard earned skills and expertise to the youth of Cheshire. He was a great raconteur and had a large portfolio to fall back on, although unlike some, they were his stories to tell, garnered from his long, comprehensive and varied service within the Corps and elsewhere. He will indeed be sorely missed, by none more so, than his immediate family and close circle of friends of whom there are no doubt many. This site would like to take this opportunity to add ourselves to that long list and to extend our condolences to Jill, Isla and son Richard. Rest easy Royal. WW.  


Update 13/02 2013 from Spean Bridge.

Ian’s extended family congregated at a glorious weekend weather wise in August at the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge in Lochaber were they scattered some of Ian’s ashes in the Garden of Remembrance there. We are happy to share this significant event following the passing of Major Murray with the wider Royal Marine Family and I am sure that you will all join with me as we wish his immediate family and friends, many of whom are shown here, best wishes and good fortune for the foreseeable future. It is a fitting and proper place to mark the passing of this much missed commando soldier. Special thanks to Jill for supplying these photographs with the accompanying details. WW.



The photo of the 3 of us is obviously Richard, Isla and I.

The other group shot is as follows;

Left to right, The Freeland family- Scott Ians son-in-law. Eilidh and Caitlin Ians Grand-daughters and his eldest Daughter Pamela.  Richard. Mark, Ians Nephew and his family Jane, Mya and Luke. Ashley, Ians Niece and her partner Richard. Ians Brother Alan, whose partner Maggie is hiding! and of course myself and Isla on the end.

 I hope all is well with you and yours.

Best regards,




We are happy to update you on news we received from the family of our ex comrade in arms, Ian Murray. As the Big Man was heavily involved with the Cadet Forces after leaving the Marines, it is only apt and fitting that a memorial should carry on in his name by way of the Major Ian Murray [memorial] Trophy which was presented by members of Ian’s family at the Cadet Skill At Arms meeting earlier in the year. Lock and load Royal. WW.

Ian (1)Ian (2)


8 Responses to Obituary for Ian S. Murray.

  1. Dawn says:

    Hello Jill, I was so shocked today (November 8th 2014) to learn that your wonderful husband died. Ian was such a lovely man. I’m so sorry. Your family photo was a sight for sore eyes….you look absolutely great and it’s super to see Richard and Isla. Richard was just a little baby when I last saw you and Isla wasn’t even a twinkle in your eye at that time. Hopefully we can reconnect again soon. Again, I’m so sorry. God bless you and your family.

    • Walter says:

      Hello Dawn, I have passed your sentiments on, to Jill. As it has obviously been a while, reading between the lines of your post, would it be possible to expand somewhat, to enable Jill to get back to you personally, as this is an open site and some contacts are more private than others. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks again and good luck, WW.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your kind message Dawn, it is much appreciated.
      You must forgive me that I will need reminding of our aquaintance and will be happy to respond away from the public forum if you can arrange for contact details to be forwarded to me, if ,of course, you wish.

  2. Allan Hendry says:

    I am married to Ian’s cousin (Aileen Hendry nee Carrie) I remember Ian well. I joined the Scots Guards in 1966 just after Ian had won the the Commando Medal in 1965 and his parents (Norrie & Liza) were so proud of him, as I was . When I was on leave, Ian loved to speak to me and I talked to him about all things military. He was particulary interested and questioned me intently when I became a Mortar Fire Control Sgt and thereafter a Control Post Op. He just loved being a Marine Commando. (Called me a Pongo – LOL)
    Ian was an easy going steadfast indivudual whom one could trust with ones life. He is a sad loss and my thoughts are with his family. Aileen and I only found out recently about Ian’s passing through his former wife Anna, but sadly we do not have contact details for her. If anyone does, please pass them to us as we would like to make contact. OR ask her to call us on ***** ****** Or maybe Ian’s brother Alan would like to give his cousin Aileen a call. We have all lost touch which is sad. I am going to visit Spean Bridge soon and will seek out Ian’s memorial stone and think of him whist there. Aileen and I have fond memories of him. RIP Ian.
    Kind Regards to all – Allan Hendry

    Please note that a personal telephone number has been removed as this is not a secure site. This number can be obtained through the Administrator. Thanks for your understanding, WW.

    • Pamela Freeland says:

      Hi Allan! I’m Pamela, Ian’s daughter when he was married to Anna! How small a world is this? We live 10 minutes apart! I saw your phone number & recognised it as Balmedie & we’re in Ellon. Mum remarried John Iddon, another Royal Marine Commando, & after his time with the marines had passed, he got a job within BP, Dyce & the 3 of us moved to Ellon.
      My wonderful step-mummy, Jill, passed your message on earlier & I’ve left a message with my Uncle Alan so perhaps you’ll hear from him.
      I love & appreciate your lovely message. Thank you. He fought his Cancer like a true Superhero & smiled throughout everything. In fact, a couple of days before he died, he fell down a few steps at home, breaking a rib or two & was in great pain, but even then, he claimed to have fallen in the ‘perfect snipers position’. A commando & cadet officer right to the end. I don’t recall ever meeting you & I’m sorry that Aileen had to hear of daddy’s passing long after the event but I hope she (& you) can take comfort in knowing he went out in great style. Don’t get me wrong, it was the worst day of my life, but if anyone deserved the accolades my darling daddy received that day, he did. He touched so many people in so many ways it’s quite astonishing. Enjoy your time at Spean Bridge. I’ve left a glass up there by his stone, so feel free to pour him a dram & perhaps enjoy one yourself. His stone, arranged my his fellow Marines, is quite beautiful. Big, strong & bold – just like him.
      I hope you get this message. Pass on my sympathies to Aileen. And thank you for getting in touch. Pamela x

      • Allan & Aileen says:

        Hi Pamela,

        Grateful thanks for your reply. Maybe you could ask your Mum (Anna) to give Aileen a call.(***** ******) She would love to speak with her. Aileen also hopes to hear from your uncle Alan.

        I have passed on your sympathies to Aileen.

        We do take comfort to know that Ian went out in style but we wouldn’t expect anything less from him! He was a true RM (C)
        When I next visit Spean Bridge I will definitely share a dram with you Dad!

        Kindest Regards – Allan H

        Please note that a personal telephone number has been removed as this is not a secure site. This number can be obtained through the Administrator. Thanks for your understanding, WW.

  3. Jim Mowat says:

    I remember ian fondly he took me and Davie welsh through our commando course
    A great soldier rip royal

  4. Pamela Freeland says:

    Thank you Jill. And many, many thanks to the friends & colleagues of my dad who arranged & placed his beautiful memorial stone in such a fitting location. We had a lovely family weekend together as we scattered his ashes, but it was truly summed up in just a few simple words by my dads brother, my Uncle Alan, who toasted the event, glass in hand, with the words ‘I’m just glad my brothers back home’. He’s missed by all of us & will never be forgotten. I hope whoever is reading this has a fond memory of my dad, and if you do, please feel free to share. Sláinte daddy! Miss you so much. Px

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