The Rumour Mill.

Oh! to spend a quiet afternoon just lazily fishing, with no mobile phones and a case of bottled beer sunk up to the neck in the chilled running river. The gentle babble of the interrupted waters as they weave their winsome way towards the rivers end. Is there anyone else who enjoys the twiddling of a bright feathered fly, the whirring of a well aimed cast and the sudden plop as it hits it’s mark in that deeper place over there between those guarding rocks while swilling beer and waiting, waiting, waiting. Get a life Huckleberry there’s always reruns of the X Factor and if the bottom falls out of your world…..televised cricket!


18 Responses to The Rumour Mill.

  1. Jim Mowat says:

    Just a thought but the proposed date given for the
    Freedom of the city parade 20 sept , not only clashes
    With the reunion but comes only a day after results
    Of referendum! If a no vote is returned ,the parade
    May be deemed triumphalist by some !has anyone got
    Any thoughts on the subject?

  2. Guys, I have had an idea to get some photos together to prepare a reminiscence folder for visiting, to give men with dementia something to focus on and trigger their memory, would appreciate if you could either bring them in and I will scan them or email them to me. The gentleman I was talking about is in a care home in East Kilbride and he and his daughter would be grateful for a visit and if we could arrange a visit from the Padre also. I have facebooked Waring the information as I do not want to put any further personal information on here as it is an open site! Thanks guys! Lx

  3. Just to let you know, I reported the dodgy lot collecting for Help for Heros to Helen Street Police Station, their conduct was absolutely out of order and one that I very much doubt would be the kind of image that Help for Heros would want to be connected with them! On another note I received a £20 donation tonight while visiting a friend Lorraine Wilson, Thanks Lorraine, very much appreciated. I will bring it back to the unit next week and we can add it in to the collection! I’m off, no time to waste need to get back to my training for the ropes!! Lx

    • Anonymous says:

      Your very welcome Laura a mere £20 is nothing compaired to what these brave men & women sacrifice in order that I may live a free & safe life. God Bless them all xxx

  4. peter1474 says:

    What were those para cord belts every man and his dog had in Sup Coy,s?

  5. Walter says:

    Does anyone remember snake belts?

  6. Walter says:

    It is as yet unconfirmed, but it has been suggested that the treasurer is looking for volunteers to confirm the accuracy of the coin counter. The Amish didn’t get where they are today by using coin counting machines! What a count!

  7. peter1474 says:

    Is no one going to start a rumour?
    Standards are slipping.

  8. Brian says:

    Was he carrying a cricket bat?

  9. Walter says:

    There is a buzz going around that Daniel Craig has been seen around Govan wearing a “Shorty” face mask!

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