Accumulated Campaign Service Medal.

Congratulations to Captain L. Foden, who received the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM) at an impromptu ceremony yesterday at the All Ranks mess of the Royal Marine Reserve, based in Govan. Mister Foden is a serving Royal Marine Officer and as such he did manage to look suitably abashed at the underwhelming theatre of the occasion. However as a highly experienced ML he is well used to operating under far lower levels of oxygen than your average hero, ‘Well done Sir!’

The ACSM is for “long service on campaign” and is in recognition of repeat operational service. There are two versions of the medal which is indicated by one or/ two golden stripes through the centre of the ribbon which will be recognised as being that of the General Service Medal (GSM) 1962.

This was a very apt conclusion at the end of a long eventful day that took in the Service of Remembrance in George Square and then the rededication of the Garden of Remembrance at RMR lines in Govan, which took place immediately prior to the RMR’s annual service for absent friends. It was a  suitable reminder, on the day that we remember and honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, of our current serving brothers in arms and the ongoing service by the men and women of our armed forces on active service and deployment throughout the world. Despite protestations on this site and elsewhere, if not needed, some of us deserve “badges”.

In conclusion, I did query Mister Foden on how our ML’s differentiated between being at work and being on holiday, he was not forthcoming however I put this down to a state of quandry or maybe there was just too much oxygen in the room. Congratulations again sir and good luck to you and yours for the future. WW.


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  1. peter1474 says:

    Congratulations Boss

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