Done Fishing! The official update.


Abu Hamza counted them all out and Abu counted them all back in again. Well there were only the five of them. Archie, Peter, Punchy, Shorty and Waring, the CGF (The City of Glasgow fleeto). The buzz is that if they can talk Welshy and Grumpy Moore into it, they are doing Snow White at the Pavillion come Christmas. Laura is raging, she suggested Cinderella as she has a twin sister. I felt sure that John Apps would have went along, if only to get an idea of what it’s like to go out on a boat. Peter phoned me with news of their catch, the line was strength 4, but I did pick up on the fact that Shorty caught some crabs. Ah yes, Arbroath, I remember it well. What is now referred to as a Brazilian was an Arbroath back in the day. This came about when a young trainee nurse at the local surgery was told that to save the doctors valuable time, if anyone presented themselves with the “creepy curlies” to just give them some cream and a “line”. On their way back in to harbour the skipper managed to run aground, he must have been standing downwind of Archie. The middle of the afternoon and they all got grounded. Archie and Shorty I can understand, nay, I would expect it, but Waring! If some Good Friday disagreement p*>%! had shouted “Troops out!” from the shore, we could well have had a body count. By all accounts a good day was had by all, well done chaps. I hope that boat was a lot cleaner when you got off it than when you got on as would befit the RFA’s valeting service. And finally………”Where are the photies?”


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