John B.

Hi guy’s, we received this pipe from John B. this morning and we wish him all the best with his on going recovery and we look forward to having him back up on point.

Hospital Visit

Hi guys-good and bad news.!! First the GOOD, I am now as fit as a butcher’s dog- having a successful operation on my bladder, which turned out not to be as bad as was thought. Got out today-instead of the expected fortnight. The BAD news is that I shall be around for another twenty years-to torment you all with my antics when collecting for the RMA.                        John Bannerman.
04/05/2013, WW.


It is with the greatest of pleasure, that Brian, John and I, would wish to extend our sincerest thanks and heart felt good wishes to John Bannerman and his extended family on the birth of his great, granddaughter, Eilidh (pr. Ai-lay). I am quite sure that I can include the goodwill and fond wishes for good fortune to young Eilidh from the entire branch membership, as she begin’s her long way in life. Good luck John (He’s 79 you know!) we wish you and yours well.Eilidh

When the sandbags are drawn up and the lamps over head are swung we should remember that ultimately, our service and those of others who have given more, or less, is not for the sake of politicians nor their governments but for the young Eilidhs of this world and this country in particular, to enable them to thrive and prosper, to make their own choices, and indeed mistakes in life, as we were allowed the same privilege by those who came before us. Throughout the good times, the bad times, the jokes and the hidden tears, I am sure that most of us have wondered at some point or another “What is the point?” Well, here is a very small part of it, members, a toast, “To Eilidh!”

Eilidh 2Eilidh 3Eilidh 4

John Bannerman


With various Service of Remembrance parades taking place the length and breadth of the country and beyond, I just had to single this image out for a particular mention. This is our steadfast branch member, John Bannerman (I’m 76 you know!) representing the branch, the Corps and himself at the Brigadoon memorial Service. John is pictured here with a former matelot and the incumbent Provost for Kilmarnock. Nice one John. Are you not a bit too old to be believing in fairies?


John as a boy… Some say…quiet John?


One Response to John B.

  1. Walter says:

    YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS? There must be some comment on this phot, this picture is a keeper, I’m already thinking of posting it again on the 17th March next year.

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