Launching Today

Tickets for Glasgow WW1 centenary service now available.

First Veterans Commissioner for Scotland appointed

National naval memorial unveiled in Staffordshire

Bernard’s Great Escape

Enjoy the 350th Commemoration of the Birth of The Corps. The writing is not only on the wall but on banners in the sky, trailed behind empty planes, WW.

I know that it is short notice, however I am giving details via the two links below of an existing local event that has been set up and run by the family and friends of a young Bootneck who has crossed the bar. It sounds like a good day out and deserves a presence and display of support from the RMA and others, WW.


There is a new project just getting off the ground under the auspices of The Imperial War Museum. They are looking to create a living memorial to the First World War through the personal memories and experiences of those who had first hand testament from anyone who served or who otherwise took an active part before, during or after the conflict on any front or theatre just so long as it is relevant to that time and space in history. It should be worthwhile if only to witness the testimonies of others but virtually everyone should have the opportunity to contribute as every family was affected by that war in some form or another. Sign in and sign up, it’s only a couple of clicks away, WW.

Yet more facts and figures, if any were needed, highlighting the dormant casualties, most of whom have yet to be identified, from previous  conflicts past that walk amongst, WW


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