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I lifted this off the ‘Once a Marine’ site this morning and would just like to spread the appeal on their behalf (They being 41 cdo).

I have put this in Lost Oppos as they have been FOUND……. read the story and can you help????????????????
You will see why I have put it in lost oppos as you read…. it also means it don’t get lost easily….



Michael Reece asks:

“In the bowels of the museum hiding in one of the store rooms is a pair of wrought iron gates. They were deposited there in 1981 when 41 Commando disbanded and its non-Corps property was lodged in the museum. It has all now been dispersed except for the gates. At first I was embarrassed to admit that as CO I did not know they existed. However, following a widening circle of inquiries I now know that nor did my predecessors.

The gates were originally painted black, albeit they are a bit chipped now. Each is about 2 foot square one, in metal, bearing the Globe and Laurel the other ’41 Cdo’. At first they looked like a pair of garden gates. However, after further consideration they could have been Altar Gates, being the approximate height of an altar rail. I would be most interested to learn of their provenance. For example, it has been suggested they may at one time have been part of the church furniture in St Andrews Barracks Church, Malta, but, so far, without proof. What is evident is that they were specifically made for – or presented to – 41 Commando. Not only would it be interesting to discover where and when the gates originated and where they were hung, but who commissioned then and who made them. Were they constructed by the very clever metalsmiths in Technical Training Company in Fort Cumberland?

It is an intriguing mystery; surely someone must know.”

Through me please….. ME being the RMA….


AGM MMXIII ( 06/03/2013 )

I don’t know what sound a damp squib makes, I imagine it to be a kind of piffle, but if I ever do hear one I will recognise it after attending the AGM this evening in sunny Govan. Now I know that some will say that we brought it upon ourselves. Yes, we did encourage everyone to turn up, but in our defence, when did anyone ever listen to us? 93 bodies crammed into that small room, it was never going to be comfortable, but hey! Did they need the strobe lighting? It was annoying me but poor “Wonky” Weeble. On the plus side, he didn’t know he was prone to epilepsy before this evening. Okay, silver clouds and all that but the poor guy wet himself in full view of 92 people, not to mention how many will catch the upload on YouTube, and all that twonk with the camera could care about was that he couldn’t get him in focus. Whose big idea was it to set a PA system up for the Chairman, not only did we then have to listen to what he said, but we could actually hear him. One man takes a seizure and forty people move in to carry him outside, when the poor guy came round he must have thought that he’d been elected as the new Pope. The poor fella just signed the paperwork on a new house in Larkhall last week, he’ll never be able to settle there now just in case he ever talks in his sleep. They don’t take any chances in Larkhall, all the kids there think that a lamppost is a Union Jack plant. I’m not going to take any chances next year, I’m going to go to Lanzarote!


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