Poppy Controversy!

The Legion is currently undergoing a planned “modernisation”. Serious accusations have been levelled that should be known and understood by all branch members, therefore I earnestly suggest that you go through the following link and engage with the debate as this may well have serious repercussions for  large parts of our fund raising activities. WW.



2 Responses to Poppy Controversy!

  1. Ian says:

    Modernisation is always a tricky subject, but something that has to keep happening, the big worry with some of these things are they sometimes seem to be spending more on themselvs than on the people they were set up to help, similar to some of the comments of another more recent military charity. It should be noted however that the RBL in Engerlandshire is a different beast from the Scotland one, the biggest difference being that our Poppy collections go to Poppy Scotland for distribution and not the RBL.
    Should help be means tested, i believe it should with the help going to those that really need it, I am a war pensioner with 30% disability, but still working and doing ok, so should I expect help from the RBL to get a new fridge, I think not. As far as we are concerned here in Glasgow we are pretty well covered, I have seen the guys up in Duke street at first hand, they do a great job with accessing info and funds where they are really needed, together with the CHC set up by the Bish, there is not much that cant be achieved.
    My own view is that the RBL in Scotland is really just a series of drinking club around the towns, the charities we all know about do the bulk of the work, and a lot with help from Cyvvies both employed and volunteers, our man from poppy scotland has done zilch pussers time but works his socks of for the cause and the people who need help most. just my view

  2. peter1474 says:

    Will watch this later, but assume that the moderisation is similar to leaving the ethos of HM Forces. For a long time the legions have been run by and used by people some of whom have never even seen a uniform unless it was in a film on TV.

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