Poppy Scotland.

Well guy’s, if you saw that pipe from Poppy Scotland you cannot help but be impressed. Well done the poppy sticking squad. Once again you have proved that sticking it to the public is a transferable skill. I think that comes under the banner of “hearts and minds”. Of course it goes without saying, although I will say it again here anyway, a major thank you to the great Glasgow public whose wit, good humour and generosity of both monies and spirit made it such a pleasure. We should wear the Glasgow emblem of the tree, the fish and the bell with pride. Together with the globe and laurel it truly defines just who we are. Thank you Glasgow!

Poppy 1

Further to my previous post above, I now present the following update 14/02/2013

Four thousand, seven hundred and eighty one pounds and fifty two pence. I think that this represents a fantastic return in relation to the number of boots on the ground and the small window of opportunity that was available to us. Yet again this is testament to the generosity, both in monies and in spirit, of the men, women and children of the City of Glasgow who once again managed to donate this significant amount collectively and to think of others in these austere times. I know that I am not alone in thanking them one and all on behalf of those in need of their help and assistance, in their stead, we salute you. WW (RMA).


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